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Alfalfa Pellets

Simply 100% alfalfa and nothing else. Alfalfa Pellets are ideal for providing quality fibre in a concentrated form. High in fibre and suitable for horses, ponies and other animals.


Alfalfa Pellets

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Key Features:

  • 100% alfalfa, no added sugar (5%) and naturally low in starch (3%),
  • Rich in calcium and other naturally occurring vitamins and minerals,
  • Alfalfa Pellets are an excellent way of providing quality fibre in a concentrated form,
  • 100% natural – free from molasses, preservatives, straw and binders,
  • Alfalfa Pellets can be fed dry in a bucket or soaked into a mash, which is ideal for older animals who struggle to chew,
  • Perfect to use in a snack ball to help reduce boredom and provide a more natural ‘trickle’ feeding rate.

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