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Allen & Page Old Faithful's Special Blend

Keeping veterans full of vitality.

Ideal for-

  • Horses and ponies at rest or in light to medium work,
  • Older horses and ponies struggling to maintain weight,
  • Fussy feeders.

Benefits of Old Faithful’s Special Blend-

  • A highly palatable mix,
  • Formulated without pellets and cereal grains are micronised to improve digestibility,
  • Balanced with vitamins and minerals,
  • Contains a probiotic and a blend of prebiotics for healthy digestion,
  • Includes linseed – a good source of Omega 3.


Allen & Page Old Faithful's Special Blend

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Old Faithful’s Special Blend provides easily digestible ingredients along with a good calorie level to help older horses and ponies maintain their condition. Ideal for use at whatever age your horse starts to drop off or starts to show the first signs of ageing. Old Faithful’s Special Blend has also been formulated to be appetising for fussy feeders.

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