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D&H Elite Sport Muesli

Performance level nutrition suitable for those that may be prone to gastric ulceration.


D&H Elite Sport Muesli


Key Features:

  • Lowest starch muesli in Dodson & Horrell Performance Range (12.5%),
  • Oat-Grain Free,
  • Provides key amino acids to support muscle development and repair.
  • Full Hindgut Support – FOS and MOS (prebiotics), ActiSaf yeast (probiotic) and Fibre Plus Complex, supporting a healthy hindgut environment, fibre fermentation and nutrient uptake,
  • QLC antioxidant package,
  • Additional Vitamin E at 700 mg/kg,
  • Chelated minerals for improved absorption and activity in the body.

Protein = 11.5%

Lysine = 6.3g/kg

Methionine = 1.8g/kg

Oil = 7.0%

Fibre = 14.5%

Starch = 12.5%

Sugar = 6.5%

Ash = 7.8%

Energy = 11.5 MJDE/kg

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