Bed-Down Rapasorb Bedding


Bed-Down Rapasorb Bedding is a rape straw bedding with sensational PRO ABSORPTION™ properties, meaning you can spend less time mucking out and more time with your horse. Put through a multiple dust extracted process called EASY BREATHE™, it ensures a healthy stable environment for you and your horse. Rapasorb provides a firm stable bed, great for box walkers and young horses. The wonderful citrus scent gives a pleasant stable environment to keep away those nasty ammonia smells.   This item is for Collection or Local deliveries only

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How many bags will I need to create a new bed?

You’ll need about 6 Classic bales for a typical 12’ x 12’ (around 3.6m x 3.6m) stable. This will create a deep comfy bed once the bedding is spread out and fluffed up.

How do I replace an existing bed with new Bed-Down bales?

Add new bedding to the outside of the bed, gradually moving existing bedding towards the centre as more new bedding is added. Keep adding new bedding to the outside of the bed until all old bedding has been removed.

What’s the most economical way to maintain a clean, dry bed in my stable?

  • To maintain a good depth, add 1-1.5 fresh Classic Bales per week (depending on your horse’s needs).
  • Remove droppings and tidy the bed daily, remembering to fluff the bedding in the areas you’ve cleaned.
  • Remove wet bedding patches weekly, topping up with fresh Bed-Down bedding.

You can easily split a Classic 20kg Bale in half by following the instructions on the side of the packaging.