Skinner’s Field & Trial Working 26 (formerly Crunchy) 15kg


Skinner’s Crunchy is a complete dog food, specially developed and formulated to support dogs who are regularly working at a moderate to high activity intensity. The formulation includes a protein level (26%) to support muscle integrity and development, combined with a fat level (12%) to ensure sustained performance ability. These factors along with a good level of digestible starch (34%), provides a diet to support animals needing fuelled for high activity levels of moderate duration, such as working gundogs (for example picking up dogs on driven shoots) or agility and flyball dogs.


Why should you choose Crunchy for your dog?

  • Slightly larger, “cubed” kibble than other formulations, making Crunchy a good choice to slow down greedy eaters (they typically have to “crunch” it!)
  • Contains highly digestible chicken meat meal (32.5% dry weight)
  • Digestible carbohydrate sources to provide energy for instant use during periods of intense activity
  • Contains high levels of essential fats to support energy output as well as coat and skin condition
  • Crunchy is a complete food that provides all the nutrients your active dog needs to be fit, happy and healthy

Which types of dog is this food suitable for?

  • Dogs that would benefit from an energy dense ration, of slightly larger kibble shape and size than standard formulations
  • Active, working dogs who require a moderate level of protein and fat to support shorter, intense periods of activity of moderate to high intensity than other working dog food formulations: e.g. Peg dogs, picking up dogs, trial herding dogs, sight-hounds, agility dogs, flyball dogs
  • Any dog who might benefit from a mixed source of energy-supplying nutrients to support moderate to high activity levels of short to medium duration
  • Dogs who might be prone to losing condition during periods of growth or high activity output