Alfa-Beet (Unmolassed)


Alfa-Beet (Unmolassed) is a high-fibre feed combining alfalfa and unmolassed sugar beet, two sources of highly digestible fibre. Ideal for promoting weight gain and aiding hydration. Must be soaked before feeding to horses.

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Key Features:

  • The combination of alfalfa and unmolassed sugar beet pulp provides ‘slow-release’ energy in the form of highly digestible fibre,
  • Alfa-Beet promotes weight gain and condition without excitability,
  • Provides 10.5MJ/kg of Digestible Energy – comparable to a cool mix or cube, but with much lower levels of starch,
  • Alfa-Beet aids hydration and is ideal for horses and ponies with dental issues, such as diastemas,
  • Naturally low in starch (2%), with no added sugar (5%),
  • Sugar beet pulp is the fibrous part of the beet that is left once the sugar has been extracted which means it is a low sugar ingredient,
  • Convenient 15-minute hot soak or 2-hour cold soak,
  • Free from molasses and preservatives 100% natural.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg