Baileys No. 17 Top Line Conditioning Mix


Baileys No. 17 Top Line Conditioning Mix – Oat Free mix for weight gain and condition targeted at 

  • Underweight equines requiring weight gain and condition
  • Working and competition horses needing non-heating energy
  • Young or weak horses needing to build top line
  • Working horses who prefer a mix to a cube


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This non-heating mix was formulated to deliver similar benefits to Top Line Conditioning Cubes and is free from whole oats with cereals that have been micronised to make the starch content as digestible as possible.  It is popular both for promoting condition and as a non-heating performance feed, being both particularly appetising and nutrient dense. Just like the cubes, Top Line Conditioning Mix contains quality protein and promotes outstanding muscle tone and top line and its concentrated formulation means it doesn’t have to be fed by the bucket full to get results.
Its blend of soya and linseed deliver a balance of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, supported by antioxidants, which benefit coat condition as well as supplying non-heating energy and promoting stamina.  Yeast culture is also included to stimulate fibre-digesting bacteria and promote gut efficiency, of particular benefit when gut health may have been compromised or at times of stress.


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Weight 20 kg