Baileys No 9. All-Round Competition Mix


Baileys No 9. All-Round Competition Mix – Oat-based mix for sparkle & presence targeted at

  • Laid back horses needing extra sparkle
  • Working horses preferring a mix to a cube
  • Competition horses who need energy and power
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All-Round Competition Mix contains Outshine to supply a combination of oils from soya and linseed to give a balance of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which not only provide non-heating energy and help promote stamina, but also support superb skin and coat condition. Like Baileys’ other performance feeds, All-Round Competition Mix contains quality protein promoting outstanding muscle tone and supporting tissue development and repair which is continuous in the working horse. It can also be fed in reduced quantities, alongside Performance Balancer, to provide energy and sparkle for the “laid back” good-doer.      

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Weight 20 kg