Omega Echinacea powder


Naturally keeping the immune system on top form

Echinacea are a group of flowering plants which belong to the daisy family. Commonly found in North America, the roots and leaves are regularly used in supplements, helping to support and maintain a resilient, strong and healthy immune system.


A powerful plant, Omega Equine have added pure Echinacea to their product line due to its significant ability to support the immune system and performance;

  • Properties of the plant have shown to increase the number of phagocytes (cells that protect the body), and white blood cells[1]. This boost maintains healthy equine immunity, which is particularly important for equines in regular travel who are frequently exposed to common yard infections
  • Echinacea has both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties[2], supporting cells experiencing oxidative stress and managing the impact of inflammation
  • Finally, Echinacea has been linked to increasing the size and concentration of red blood cells, improving blood quality[3]. Essential for competition horses, this enables the healthy transportation of oxygen, essential for optimum performance.

Omega Equine’s Echinacea is sourced from high-grade suppliers to ensure quality and consistency. This sweet-smelling, highly palatable supplement is competition legal and fast-becoming one of the most popular products for competition animals. Constant travelling and new stabling need no longer be a fear; horses and ponies stay healthy and on top form with Omega Echinacea.