Polo Belt – Ceibo


Polo Belt – Ceibo – Bloom into life with the brand new luxury leather Ceibo polo belt from pampeano. The stunning red, light blue and navy thread on sumptuous Havana brown leather represents the Ceibo, or erythrina crista-galli; the gorgeous national tree of Argentina.

The vibrant red of the robust wax-dipped saddlery thread is inspired by the beautiful flowers of the Ciebo, which are also the national flower of Argentina. The bright sky blue and navy represent the blue skies of Argentina that so often frame the Ceibo in its natural setting; the light blue is also seen in the flag or Argentina, again celebrating pampeano’s heritage in the South American country. Our signature pampa diamond motif which adorns all of our polo belts including the Ceibo is inspired by the Andes mountain range which runs through the continent.

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The belt itself is made in the La Pampa region of Argentina, where pampeano was founded. Local artisans use locally sourced materials to hand-craft each of our luxury leather products, and our iconic polo belts are no different. Each belt takes up to five hours to make using traditional methods of vegetable tanning and hand stitching, ensuring the durability of each belt, and making the leather only improve over time. Properly cared for, a belt from pampeano is a belt for life.

The Ceibo bears an optional personalisation of up to three letters which are embossed onto the leather belt loop, perfect for initials; this makes a pampeano polo belt an extra special gift for a loved one, or just a treat for oneself.

The Ceibo measures 3.5cm in width,

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85cm, 90cm