Skinner’s Field & Trial Maintenance Plus


Skinner’s Field & Trial Maintenance Plus –  a complete dog food, specially developed and formulated to support dogs with a low to moderate activity level and who might benefit from additional nutrients to support joint health. Maintenance Plus is also suitable for dogs who have a reduced activity level or who are prone to weight gain on some of our other working dog formulations and dogs who might be resting or recovering out of season and so do not require an energy dense feed but again might benefit from the inclusion of Joint Aid. Maintenance Plus has been formulated with a protein level (18%) and fat level (11%) to support normal day-to-day activity and provides everything your dog requires to remain happy and healthy, as well as providing nutrients that can help support joint health and integrity.


Why should you choose Maintenance Plus for your dog?
  • Contains highly digestible chicken
  • Contains essential fats (11%) to support a moderate energy output as well as supporting coat and skin condition
  • Shaped, honeycombed kibble that works well both as meal kibble or as treats for trickle feeding
  • Mixed cereals provide digestible carbohydrate and a range of other nutrients to support day-to-day activity
  • Includes Joint Aid for Dogs, a supplement that may help to maintain healthy joints for dogs of all ages
  • Maintenance Plus is a complete food that provides all the nutrients your dog needs to be fit, happy and healthy

Which types of dog is this food suitable for?

  • Ideal for dogs with a consistent activity level of low to moderate intensity
  • Any dog who might benefit from a ration of limited energy density as part of a weight reduction or maintenance strategy
  • Dogs who might benefit from the addition of Joint Aid for Dogs in their diet
  • Dogs who are predisposed to weight gain during periods of reduced physical activity
  • Any dogs requiring a diet low in purines – Maintenance Plus has a purine level of 40mg/100g

Additional information

Weight 15 kg