Spiller’s Original Balancer


ORIGINAL BALANCER HORSE FEED – enhanced multi-vitamin and mineral horse balancer with added digestive, hoof and immune support. Ideal for horses and ponies that maintain weight easily on forage alone

HIGH IN VITAMIN E – formulated with vitamin C and a high level of vitamin E, which can be lacking in forage only diets, SPILLERS Balancer pellets support horses and ponies’ immune health

AIDS DIGESTIVE HEALTH – Spiller Original Balancer horse feed pellets contain probiotic live yeast and prebiotic MOS to support digestive health

SUPPORTS HOOF HEALTH – every 500g serving of SPILLERS Original Balancer horse feed contains 15mg of biotin, proven to support hoof health by aiding hoof hardness and growth in horses


OVER 60 YEARS OF EQUINE NUTRITION – SPILLERS has been leading research, innovation and development in equine nutrition and horse feed since 1958. Our expertise ensures you can provide the best nutrition for your horse

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