Baileys Ultra Grass


Ultra Grass is pure high-temperature dried chopped grass with a very light dressing of soya oil and is ideal for bringing a taste of pasture into the feed bowl.  Appetising and free-flowing, Ultra Grass is rich in fibre and has a moderate energy content so is particularly suitable for horses with limited access to pasture and whose calorie requirements are significant.


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The drying process ensures the grass maintains its delicious aroma and colour as well as nutrient content, which includes some natural vitamins and minerals, but, since it also still contains the naturally-occurring sugars found in fresh grass, it is not recommended for the laminitis-prone.
Ultra Grass has a moderate energy content and is ideal when the nutrient content of hay or haylage is questionable, for example, if it has been cut late and is stalky with high levels of indigestible fibre.
Targeted at

Fussy feeders, especially poor forage/fibre feeders who need a tempting partial alternative to hay or haylage

Horses on box rest or those with little or no access to pasture

Poorer-doers or horses whose forage is of poor nutritional quality

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